Volume 1 Issue 3 September 2018 International Journal of Economics Management and Social Science (IJEMSS)

  • Mustafa Mustafa University of Muslim Maros
  • Zainal Abidin University of Muslim Maros
  • Sarnawiah Sarnawiah University of Muslim Maros
Keywords: Relocating, Pantai Tak Berombak (PTB), Street Vendors


The ´growth of cities in Indonesia cannot be separated from the informal sector presence which has been integrated to every urban life activity. The existence of Street Vendors sometimes create its own problems such as urban planning  which is chaotic. The long-term goal of this research is to find out the strategy of Maros  Government in relocating Sales Vendors, to make an improvement overview of Street Vendors income before and after relocation, to formulate appropriate policies and relocation programs. While the specific targets to be achieved in this research is that it is necessary to identify the right strategy in refuting the income of street vendors without decrease the income. The purpose of  traders’ relocation is in order to avoid jobless and encourage the economic growth faced by the Government of Maros that necessary to improve strategies in increasing the income of sales vendors (PKL) .The data collection techniques are observation, survey and interview. The method used to achieve the objectives is qualitative descriptive research. The result of this research is to approach the government's strategy for the street vendors to be relocated and also socialize aneffective  way  so that they welcome to move, and provide supporting facilities for the community to visit the Pantai Tak Berombak.


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Mustafa, M., Abidin, Z., & Sarnawiah, S. (2018). RELOCATING THE STREET VENDORS TO PANTAI TAK BEROMBAK (PTB) AS STRATEGY OF MAROS GOVERNMENT. International Journal of Economics Management and Social Science, 1(3), 96-104.